Tom the Butcher and hist team

Good Food – Locally Sourced

We are proud of our catering facilities. At the beginning of each season, our chef manager and the residents agree a delicious, three-week rolling menu. This menu ensures that there is enough variety and choice to suit everyone.

When we first started business in 1970s we kept chickens and their eggs were used in the kitchen. Things have moved on a little since then, but we still work with good, whole-food ingredients.

With that in mind, we are proud to tell you where we buy our meat. Starting as we did in Bishops Hull, Netherclay House and more recently Chelston Park and Gardens have always bought from the local butcher.

Tim ran – and later owned – the butchers. And for over 30 years, we built a strong relationship with him. When Tim retired last year, the business was bought by Tom Parker. (Pictured above with his team.) Tom has now been in Bishops Hull for just over a year and the shop continues to be at the centre of village life.

Tom agrees with us that food is better local – and the meet we buy from him is traceable to the fields around Taunton.

If you happen to be passing Bishops Hull Stores, Tom has also brought in a range of iced cream that is produced on the dairy farm that his family owns. The sea salt and caramel – in particular – is delicious!