Working at Chelston Park

A couple of months ago some of the staff were kind enough to lend us their time and tell us about working at Chelston Park. We’ve just finished editing (finally) and we are pretty pleased with the end result.

I think you’ll agree all the staff did a fantastic job articulating what the job is like and why they like working in care at Chelston Park.

We couldn’t use much footage as we would have liked – everyone said such nice things and it was a hard editing down two-hours worth of footage into three minutes. But when we make other videos over the coming months, we may well use some sections of interview that we didn’t include here.

Thanks again to Michael, Shirley, Deb, Abi, Gail, Sonia, Evan, Annie, Joey, Star, Ren, Danny, Narci and Nina for being so photogenic and articulate, and thank you to Nigel, Jo and all the the residents for putting up with the disruption on a busy Saturday.